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       Glee is a musical comedy drama series which is very famous once in America as well as in other countries. Who does not know and love this drama series. Yahh well, i love this serial when first time i saw the thriller in Star world. And yes! i'm a GLEEKS. Gleeks is an informal term for the fans glee. The story is really good and interesting. Each episode of this film always give meaning and the message that we can learn in daily life.
       If there is a musical comedy film, usually in a film course but this uniquely appointed tv series so. And the background setting of this drama was created no less good with film, a first season episode of glee airing around the year 2009 then. now Glee has reached Season 3.
         So Glee tells the story of a co-curricular activities at a HIGH SCHOOL named Glee. Glee alone is a vocal group that ekskul was once had a boom, but finally abandoned and considered one eye. Until at some point, a Language teacher, Will Schuester Spain (Matthew Morrison) want to return return triumphant Glee at his school. To turn on Glee again, Will also do recruiting its members. Although they should receive scorn, but the members of Glee sure Glee will be able to bounce back. Slowly they began to follow the competition-competition sports regional vocal. And their hard work has paid off, managed to become a champion and Glee again booming. In addition to starring Matthew Morrison, film was also supported by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, as well as many other stars. Interestingly Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, three people behind the success of the series is looking for players who can actually sing. For that they get willing players to Broadway hunting! It is one of Rolling Stone magazine made a special report about the series.
the high rating comedy musical glee. create producer from glee is to recruit new players to enliven the story of this drama. the producers of glee Ryan Murphy is certainly not any recruiting players this they must go through glee process of auditions. Ryan Murphy to make even the show's new glee cast contest named "Glee Project"

        around the year 2011 yesterday Glee recently held a Glee Concert Tour held in several countries. Unfortunately Indonesia not to get into the tour concert. But for countries which could not be watched his concert tour does not need to be sad because Parties from the glee tour concert in the film release of "Glee 3D concert" movie that you can watch at the cinema.

And here's some perfomance of drama glee...

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