Selasa, 03 April 2012

Let me introduce myself...

Hello! Hmm.. Actually I’m so confused, how should I start to tell about myself. Because basically I don’t really like writing hehehe..
OK! And now let me introduce myself. My name is ANNISA PRAWIDYA, and you can call me “icha” or maybe “mba icha”. “Mba Icha” its  my mother's favorite call home. But do not know why my friends follow calling me as “mba icha”.  Actually at the first time my nickname is “Ichul”, one of my friend give the name which means Icha Lucu hihihi :D

I am one of a million babies who will be born in the Indonesia in 1991. Yap, exactly in Bogor, 6 march 1991. I was the eldest of two brothers. I have one brother, his name is Axcsbahs Sahjsbej. And I call him “dakochan”. Because he is so big, tall, and had a black skin hahaha, but he is so awesome. The best brother that I had! although he is very naughty but he was very considerate for me.

My favorite activity at home is ONLINE! I am glad to see the wide variety of virtual world especially if I've been watching videos from youtube hehehe..
And I’m so in love with cartoons! various kinds of cartoons I watched except the cartoon action. And my favorite food is instant noodle. I never tired to eating it.

My Daily Activities
In addition to my college days. My days are usually busy with Lab activities. Yap. I’m one of assistant of Laboratorium Management Menengah. Almost I had spent time in here. So many lessons I learned during stay in lab. One of them is I have a lot of new friend. Its so was an irreplaceable experience. Lab is like my second home. To many story I felt in here, from sad to happy story

when i was a kid

at Lab. Middle Managament

me and my dad

my mom

me and my mom

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i like its

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it's nice and make me laught, you seem funny from your writing.

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Belajar Lagi Sob.....he..he..

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