Jumat, 20 April 2012

Macaron yummy-OOO

           Macaron , cake mini iridescent of french origin of similar form burger , this is not only good thing but it was delicious.  The more popular this cake tastes sweet and the texture being crisp harmonizes with cream in its middle. This mini cake turned out to be not easily created, so no wonder if the price of one fruit macaron quite expensive.
            Some outlets bakery and pastry, making this cake as one of the display in the display case. The shapes as teeny and variegated , make wrath who look at it . Moreover , this cake suitable served as dessert or delicious while lounging for having variant coffee-flavored , kelapa , vanilla and almond . Some resto french ( native country this cake ) treats macaron preferentially as part of the serving fine the dining . It is because this cake having full-flavored unique with kerenyahan to the outer and slightly chewy on the inside . To date , macaron be a snack favorite european community and asia . Although each country has habitude each , the basic substance and equipment used in making this cake not very different . To make macaron are needed extra carefulness in reading or following prescription . Exactness in measuring material , make batter and determine the temperature of an oven be key in making macaron. One of the world's best macaroon shop located in France. This store called Laduree.
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