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Pretty make up, colourful accessories, and chic colours of Jember Fashion Carnaval  
One proof of the enormity of the work of Indonesia is Jember FashionCarnaval (JFC). Carnival of the people is not just a regular street carnival. It was able to deliver world-class standards of quality performance as well as the Festival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil the mighty majestic. Since 2003, JFC implementation always shows the themes of exciting fashion trendsfrom around the Arab world, Morocco, India, China, Japan, Mali, Athens,Brazil, Indian and many more. Unique potentials that had never flownsuccessfully perform in the event of this world-class people.

Supported more than 600 participants, covered by thousands photographer, watched by hundreds thousand visitors over the world, JEMBER FASHION CARNIVAL is the only unique, fantastic, spectacular, and amazing carnival in Indonesia, even in the world. Along 3.6 kilometres, hundreds of participants performs costumes, make up, choreography, colors, characters, stages, live music, in forms of fashion runaway, dance, and theatrical

Each year, the organization of JFC arranged beautifully with a clear concept in accordance with in-depth research. New themes are fresh andin tune with the changing times always come. Call it the Archipelago,Anxiety and Spirit of The World, Save Our World, World Evolution, WorldUnity, World Treasure and the last is the JFC Eyes on Triumph 2011.

No wonder if the Jember Fashion Carnaval appear successful fashion carnaval one of the world's attention at once became one of the world'smecca of fashion trends. Consequently, the JFC is not only the name of Jember but also successfully raised the level of Indonesia to the world stage.

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